Privacy policy

          Customer personal information such as first name, surname, contact number and address or email. We will never reveal it at all. We will inquire when you reserve our service. Is for the purpose of verifying your identity And specify contact information And for use in traveling to provide services to you only Therefore please do not be worried that we will share your information. Or conduct any espionage that is against the law May you be comfortable

          If you just landing from foriegn please let us know for you can do quranteen first . after quaranteen and incase you just want massage and you don't exchange the money yet . We also accept foriegn money or if you prefer to pay by paypal also can do 

          *Our company offers only the best massage services. We do not have services that go on other covert sex. If employees have violated or violated any of the above. Please report to the company. And we will have punitive measures against such employees *


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