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We provide professional massage service at home in Bangkok everyday!
บริการนวดที่บ้าน เปิด 24 ชม. ในกรุงเทพ โปรดเช็คพื้นที่ที่พนักงานสามารถให้บริการได้ หากอยู่นอกพื้นที่ มีค่าเดินทาง
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About massage

This  type of massage reaches deeper muscle layers. Trained therapists on this method use focused and strong motions that will stroke specific parts of the body that are in particular stiff or painfull due to earlier chronic pain or incidents.

"A Thai massage will leave you feeling relaxed and energized, in addition, a Thai massage uses the technique of blocking blood flow then releasing it after 30 seconds through the application of sustained pressure." " Massage with oil is a perfect spa treatment for those who want to relax and have a good time. Soft and smooth movements of the master with the usage of oil will give a strong relaxing effect. Some clients even fall asleep during the process."

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